Human Performance Management


A core ingredient to stellar business performance is people – your employees. Our solutions align people and action to maximize business performance.

With continuous changes in the workforce, from “right” sizing, to out-sourcing, to skills and knowledge erosion, gaining the competitive edge means finding and retaining a talented management team and workforce, then continuously honing their knowledge, proficiencies, and competencies, as well as maintaining alignment between strategic goals, performance metrics, and workforce compensation.

DARWIN provides a full scope of solutions centered on Human Performance Management, including:

  • Internal Proficiency Analysis
  • Knowledge Management
  • Workforce Qualification and Certification
  • Training and Development Strategies
  • Curriculum Design and Development
  • Performance Based Training
  • Recruiting and Retention Strategies
  • Performance Measurement System
  • Job Structure and Organizational Layout
  • Competency Models
  • Compensation, Reward, and Pay for Performance Systems
  • Career and Succession Planning