Business Process Re-engineering


Business process reengineering (BPR) is not just about adjustment or streamlining of the day to day information transactions that comprise your enterprise by fine tuning the myriad operational flow of an organization is certainly part of the business process reengineering package.

True BPR examines and sometimes radically adjusts the motivations and goals of the organization.  In this way, business process reengineering innovates the operations of an organization by defining new outcomes, new workflows and new stakeholders. And effective change is an ongoing endeavor. As your organization grows and changes, you can continue to use the techniques to realign your operations with your overall strategies and goals.

DARWIN’s practice is entirely focused on customer-driven, organic growth. We believe that process effectiveness and restructuring are a necessary foundation to earn the right to grow. Our approach combines original analytical techniques and a keen attention to leadership development issues. We have an exclusive focus on issues directly impacting the customer.

DARWIN is organized into three practices reflecting this customer-driven, organic growth-based philosophy. Our three practices reflect a continuum:

  • Strategy formulation: The key to growth
  • Design of broad-based architecture: The key to implementation
  • Knowledge-based processes: The key to learning